Casmara Night Cure Super Conentrate


Casmara “SUPER-CONCENTRATED serums for an extraordinary beauty cure” for mature skin

CASMARA has created 3 ultra-concentrated,light,quick-absorbing formulas,with a combination of wonderful active ingredients, delicious textures, delicate aromas and incredible results.
For overnight repairing & rejuvenating,for younger-looking skin.

A night cure based on TECHNOLOGY, that enhances the formation of collagen and elastin, activate the genes responsible for skin regeneration and reverse the process of cell aging.
Silicon-free and mineral oils-free formula.

Night Cure SUPER CONCENTRATE is indicated for skin with visible signs of aging but can also be used to stop them appearing.
Reverses the cellular aging process.
Repairs and accelerates skin repair processes by +72%*.
Decreases wrinkle depth.
Increases hyaluronic acid by +147%* and collagen by +105%*.