Casmara Rose Detox super concentrate


All skin types

ROSE D-TOX SUPER CONCENTRATE provides essential care for all skin types. Especially recommended for dull, drab, stressed skin.


Tightener. Wrinkle diffuser.

24h hydration.

Global firming action.

Restructuring redensifier.

Redefines facial contours.


Eliminates waste and toxins from inside the cell.

Increases the mitochondrial energy level thanks to the stimulation of cellular respiration.

Protects mitochondrial DNA, thanks to which it reduces the formation of free radicals.

It counterbalances the damaging action of free radicals and reactivates inactive antioxidants, preventing the aging of the skin and prolonging cellular life.

Enhances the synthesis of the only naturally present antioxidant in our body (GSH)

Active ingredients

BLUE MARGARITA: cellular detoxifier. Eliminates waste and toxins from inside the cell, thanks to its powerful enhancing action of the natural skin detoxification process. In addition,